Lake McIntosh @ Line Creek Nature Area, Peachtree City, GA


 Runtrails' Journal Topics
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Note: entries that are underlined and have a date in the right-hand column are the only ones uploaded yet. The most recent entries are in red. I'm 'way behind on this year's journal entries but will continue letting you know where we've been and will complete more entries as time allows.


Introduction to Our Website & Tentative 2017 Plans January 15
                     St. Mary's, GA (January 1 to March 26)  
Summary of Our Winter Migration at Eagle Hammock RV Park, Kings Bay Sub Base January 27
Photos & Descriptions of Two Long Hikes at Cumberland Is. Natl. Seashore February 8
                    Columbus, GA (March 26-31)  
Camping at Uchee Creek Recreation Area for Fort Benning March 27
Scenes from the National Infantry Museum & Soldier Center March 28
                    Peachtree City, GA  (March 31-December 31)  
Home Again:  Why We Decided to Buy Another House & Stop RVing Full Time April 9
The Joys & Frustrations of Selecting a New Home Base April 25
"Feathering Our Nest:" Settling Into Our New House June 12
Landscaping the Largely Un-Landscaped Back Yard with Help from "Susie the Pot Woman" June 12
Scenes from Peachtree City's Extensive Network of Cart Paths October 1
Exploring Line Creek Nature Area in Peachtree City, GA October 4
"Casey Needs a Puppy:" Adopting An 8-Week-Old Casey Mini-Me That We Named Holly  October 16
"Holly Needs a Puppy:" Life With Three Labrador Retrievers in Different Life Stages -- Young Puppy, Immature Adult, & Senior w/ Doggie Dementia  
New Knees:  Sue Finally Requires Total Knee Replacements (after successfully using visco-supplementation the last 8 years)  



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