Sweetwater Creek State Park, Georgia


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Introduction to This Year's Journal Nov. 10
Scenes from Hikes at Scenic Sweetwater Creek State Park Nov. 16
Scenes from Hikes & Bike Rides in Peachtree City, Including Line Creek Nature Area (2 pages) Nov. 27
Jim's 2022 Ultra-Walking Events: Bronze Dragonfly 24 Hr., Locomotion 24 Hr., Merrill's Mile 24 Hr., A Race for the Ages 74 Hr., Endless Mile 48 Hr. Dec. 3
Playin' In the Dirt: Garden Scenes from Our Yard Dec. 5
Volunteer Activities, Part 1: VFW, Red Cross, CERT, Humane Society, Assistance Dog Schools Dec. 16
Volunteer Activities, Part 2: Dapper Don, Therapy Dog: Expanding Our Outreach in 2022 Dec. 17
Update on Our Fur Kids: Holly, Casey, & Don Dec. 22
Year-End Wrap Up Dec. 31

"Runtrails & Company" - Sue Norwood, Jim O'Neil, Casey-Girl, Holly-Holly, & Dapper Don

 2022  Sue Norwood and Jim O'Neil