Sweetwater Creek State Park, Georgia


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"This popular nature area offers a mix of habitats -- an upland hardwood forest,   
beautiful creek side granite outcroppings, and a rushing stream bordered by native azaleas."
~ description of Line Creek Nature Area on the Southern Conservation Trust website
Line Creek Nature Area is one of eight public nature areas in Fayette County administered by the Southern Conservation Trust. This non-profit organization protects over 57,000 acres of conserved and public lands in Georgia, North and South Carolina, Virginia, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas, and Colorado.

This nature area is only about three miles from our house so it's very convenient. It's a popular place for families to hike, picnic, and fish so I go there to walk (usually with puppy Don) on weekday mornings to avoid crowded trails. It's beautiful any time of the year.

Flowering mimosa tree in June

I've shown lots of photos from Line Creek in these journals since we moved here in 2017 so the pictures in this entry are all from fifteen hikes I've done there this year. (I'm updating this more than a year later.) 

Don's in a lot of these photos because 1) as I said, I've previously taken a lot of nature photos at Line Creek and 2) Don's the easiest of our three Labs for me to hike with and he's a photogenic boy! Some of the trails are full of rocks and roots, making it hazardous for me to walk with an exuberant dog like Casey or Holly on a leash.

Although Line Creek Nature Area covers only 70 acres, there are about three miles of trails along the creek and up on the ridge closer to the parking area and ponds. I've been on all the trails. These photos are from the Ridge, Shoals, and Creek trails.

I'll show the rest of the photos in order from winter to summer:

Graffiti on a boulder on the Creek Trail  :-(  (Don at 19 mos. old)

Sweet puppy Don on the Creek Trail (20 mos. old)

The next five photos are from mid-March when the leaves were just starting to come out:

Above and below:  Shoals Trail (Dapper Don at 21 mos.)


Above and two below:  Creek Trail


Two flowering trees

The next four photos are from early May after a lot of rain had fallen.

The creek was running high, fast, and brown, covering most of the shoals you can see in subsequent photos from the summer.



Jim was walking Holly with us on that hike in May when the water was high. She's in the photo below, lying behind Don.

Holly loves water. Don does not. Can you tell??

Same spot, later in the summer, with much less water in the creek. Don doesn't look afraid now:

Above and below:  Don on the granite outcroppings on the Shoals Trail

The next set of photos is from a fun hike on the Shoals and Creek trails at the end of August with our friend Laura and her eight-month-old Golden retriever named Moses. The water level was fairly low so we could walk out on the shoals in several places.

Don still doesn't like water but he'll sometimes wade in if he's with Holly, Casey, or friends' dogs who entice him to get wet. In one of the photos Moses had fun teasing Don to come get the stick he was holding!


Don does a play bow, encouraging Moses to chase him.




Holly has more fun swimming in Line Creek than Don. Here are three photos in September from one of her hikes where I kept her on a long line. Her recall isn't perfect, and she chases wildlife:



The remaining photos are from October, November, and December. The nature area is beautiful in all seasons!


Don at the mule carving on the Mule Trail



Next entry: Garden of Delights - scenes from our yard throughout the year

Happy trails,

"Runtrails & Company" - Sue Norwood, Jim O'Neil, Casey-Girl, Holly-Holly, & Dapper Don

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2021 Sue Norwood and Jim O'Neil