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Introduction to Our Website, 2018 Update, & Tentative Winter Trip Plans November 6
Lovable Labs:  Update on Our Fur Kids + Introduction to Warrior Canine Connection November 7
Updated Photos from Peachtree City's Cart Paths & Scenic Landscapes November 10
Playing in the Dirt: New Additions &Updated Landscape & Flower Photos In Our Yard November 12
Playing in the Dirt, Part 2: A Major Landscape Project in Our Front Yard November 12
Tribute to An Ultra Lab: Merganser's Kodiak AKA "Cody" November 26
A Posthumous Letter to His Family from Cody (with a little help from Jim) November 26
Back In the Game Again: A Summary of Jim's Ultra-Distance Walking Events this Year: Operation Endurance Run 24-Hour at Fort Benning, GA; Midsummer Night's Dream 12-Hour in Canton, GA; A Race for the Ages 70-Hour in Manchester, TN; The Endless Mile 48-Hour in Alabaster, AL; and The Stinger 24-Hr. in Hampton, GA December 1
On the Road Again:  Camping & Hiking at Brazos Bend State Park, TX December 13
Overnight at South Llano River State Park, TX  
Camping & Hiking at Lost Dutchman State Park, AZ  
Camping & Hiking at McDowell Mountain Regional Park, AZ  
Jim's Redux at Across the Years (ATY) 48-Hour Race in Glendale, AZ  



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