Eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly feeding on Miss Huff lantana flowers in our yard


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"This popular Nature Area offers a mix of habitats -- an upland hardwood forest, beautiful
creek side granite outcroppings, and a rushing stream bordered by native azaleas ."  
~ Southern Conservation Trust webpage for Line Creek NA
Line Creek Nature Area is one of eight protected public spaces administered by the Southern Conservation Trust in metro Atlanta, with the most convenient hiking trails to our house.

This scenic nature area encompasses 70 acres of hilly terrain on the east side of Line Creek and includes a fishing pond with pier, a wet area with pier, a picnic shelter and tables, old mill dam sites from the early 1800s, and three miles of single-track trails of varying difficulty and elevation change.

Local city parks and nature areas were closed for several weeks in March and April due to the pandemic. When Line Creek reopened in early May, I was happy to resume hiking there.

Line Creek is one of my favorite places to take Don so I can let him hike off-leash part of the time. He stays pretty close to me, is low-impulse re: people and wildlife, and has excellent recall.

We don't take exuberant Holly and Casey hiking there very often. They have to be on-leash the whole time and it's difficult to walk with them where the trail is rough or crosses smooth wet granite.

This entry features four seasons of photos from 2020 at Line Creek Nature Area:

Don, age 7 months, on the fishing pier on a January day

This section always reminds me of the Appalachian Trail -- rocky, rooty, hilly, white blaze!

Some other sections of the trail are flatter and smoother.



Line Creek flows into Lake McIntosh, one of three large reservoirs in Peachtree City.




Above and below:  pretty summer reflections in the water




One day in September a local movie producer was filming at the park.

Above and below:  feathery pampas grass and colorful flowers in October


Above and below:  large blue heron(s) in September and October




My perfect hiking buddy Don, 17 mos. old in this picture, at the mule carving in November

Don also loves to hike on the trails at Sweetwater Creek State Park, subject for the next entry.

Next entry:  scenes from hikes at Sweetwater Creek State Park

Happy trails,

"Runtrails & Company" - Sue Norwood, Jim O'Neil, Casey-Girl, Holly-Holly, & Dapper Don

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2020 Sue Norwood and Jim O'Neil