Lake McIntosh @ Line Creek Nature Area, Peachtree City, GA


 Runtrails' Journal Topics
                                             TOPIC or DESTINATION DATE
Introduction to Our Website & Tentative 2017 Plans January 15
                     St. Mary's, GA (January 1 to March 26)  
Summary of Our Winter Migration at Eagle Hammock RV Park, Kings Bay Sub Base January 27
Photos & Descriptions of Two Long Hikes at Cumberland Is. Natl. Seashore February 8
                    Columbus, GA (March 26-31)  
Camping at Uchee Creek Recreation Area for Fort Benning March 27
Scenes from the National Infantry Museum & Soldier Center March 28
                    Peachtree City, GA  (March 31-December 31)  
Home Again:  Why We Decided to Buy Another House & Stop RVing Full Time April 9
The Joys & Frustrations of Selecting a New Home Base April 25
"Feathering Our Nest:" Settling Into Our New House June 12
Landscaping the Largely Un-Landscaped Back Yard with Help from "Susie the Pot Woman" June 12
Scenes from Peachtree City's Extensive Network of Cart Paths October 1
Exploring Line Creek Nature Area in Peachtree City, GA October 4
"Casey Needs a Puppy:" Adopting An 8-Week-Old Casey Mini-Me That We Named Holly  October 16
"Holly Needs a Puppy:" Living With Three Labrador Retrievers in Different Life Stages -- Young Puppy, Immature Adult, & Senior w/ Doggie Dementia October 20
Total Knee Arthroscopy:  Sue Gets the First of Two New Knees October 26
Not Such a "Funny Bone:" Jim's Surgery for Cubital Tunnel Syndrome November 24
Photos from a Rare -- and Fleeting -- Winter Wonderland in Peachtree City, GA December 9
Natural Delights: An Assortment of Tiny Treasures, Courtesy of Mother Nature December 20
2017 Year End Travel & Activity Review December 31



"Runtrails & Company" - Sue Norwood, Jim O'Neil, Cody, Casey, & Holly-pup
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