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Welcome to Our Website!   January 2
Living the RV Dream, Part 1: Where Did We Get These Gypsy Genes??  January 3
     Part 2: Description of Our Almost Full-Time RV Lifestyle January 3
Dreaming About the RV Lifestyle? January 4
     Part 1: Variations on a Theme: Who, Why, How? January 4
     Part 2: Personality, People, & Pet Considerations January 4
     Part 3: Choosing an RV for the RV Lifestyle You Want January 4
     Part 4: Endless Camping Options & Determining Your Priorities January 4
     Part 5: Home Base: Should You Sell Your House? Establish a New Legal Domicile? January 4
     Part 6: Staying "Connected:" Internet, Mail, TV, etc. January 4
     Part 7: Cost Considerations to Make Your Dream a Reality January 4
     Part 8: Pulling It All Together + Some RV Lifestyle Links January 4
Where Are Jim and Sue??  
                    El Paso, Texas:  
Scenes from El Paso: Mountains & a Unique Museum January 8
El Paso's Historic Missions Trail January 8
Our Touristy View of Fort Bliss: Camping & Other Activities January 8
Franklin Mountains State Park & the Wyler Aerial Tramway January 8
Pictographs & More at Hueco Tanks State Historic Park (2 pages) January 8
                    Austin, Texas:  
Hanging Out at McKinney Falls State Park (includes RV Trip Log from El Paso to Austin) January 19
Town Lake Trail Rocks! January 19
Exploring the Trails at Bastrop SP + a Quick Trip Through Buescher SP January 19
                    Huntsville, Texas:  
Back "Home" at Huntsville State Park February 4
Scenes from the Trails at HSP February 4
Our Perspective of the Rocky Raccoon 50- and 100-Mile Races February 6
                    Brazos Bend State Park, Texas:  (Feb. 6 to end of March)  
Week 1: We're Baaaa-ck! Let's Go See the Alligators!!  February 13
Doris Mager & Her Magnificent Birds of Prey  February 13
Week 2: Spring Has Definitely Sprung at Brazos Bend  February 20
Critter Count: 'Gators, Birds, Armadillos, & More (plus a raccoon tale) February 20
Trail Scenes from Week 2 at Brazos Bend  February 20
Paying for Our "Free" Campsite (our jobs as campground hosts February 20
(I'm working on weekly reports for March at Brazos Bend SP. Stay tuned for lots more stories and photos from this beautiful park. I also added some new BBSP entries to the March, 2010 journal in March, 2011. Better late than never! Meanwhile I'm going to write some more current entries. Scroll down until you find an entry with a date on the right . . . )  
Back to Virginia for a Few Weeks: RV Travelogue + Stats from Our Winter 2010-2011 Trip  March 24
Can We Order Some New Knees?? The Joys of Getting Older  March 31
House Dilemma: To Sell or Not to Sell??  April 30
Colorful Spring Metamorphosis in Our Yard May 6
Jim's Spring Training: Let's Run!  Plus Sue Out-Runs the Cops . . .  (includes 3 pgs. of photos from Roanoke-area trails) May 7
Age Perception:  When Will You Be (or Were You) "Old?"   May 7
Ready, Set, Go! Time to Head Back to the Rockies  May 8
                   Texas: Caprock Canyons State Park  
The Journey West: An Interesting Reroute to Cross the Flooded Mississippi  May 10
Caprock Canyons Rock!  May 14
     Scenes from the Canyon Rim Trail  May 14
     Eagle Point Trail: Rim to Canyon and Back  May 14
     Lower Canyon Loop Photos (two pages) May 14
     Upper Canyon Loop: Wow!  (four pages with lots of photos) May 14
     Caprock Canyons Trailway: Beware the Bats, Thorns, & Cinders   May 14
                    New Mexico:   
Canyon to Canyon: Caprock to Los Alamos + Campground Info  May 15
Hiking Bayo Bench Trail/Biking Canyon Rim Trail  May 17
Hiking at the Tsankawi Prehistoric Site + Sue's Rite of Passage  May 18
Hiking the Bayo Canyon Trail Loop  May 20
Jemez Mountain Trail Runs: Pre-Race Activities & Volunteering May 20
Jemez Mountain Trail Runs: Race Day   May 21
Scenes from Kwage Mesa's Trails  May 22
Los Alamos Mesa Trail & Pueblo Canyon Rim Trail  May 24
Re-Discovering A Little Bit of Los Alamos  May 24
Sky Drama Over Los Alamos + Weather Mayhem Across the Country  May 24
The Falls Trail to the Rio Grande at Bandelier National Monument May 25
Addendum: Disaster in the Jemez Mountains: the Las Conchas Fire   August 2
                   Colorado Springs. CO:  
Road Trip to Colorado Springs + USAF Academy FamCamp Information May 26
Cycling the New Santa Fe Regional Trail  May 28
Busy Days in the Springs  May 29
Hiking the Barr Trail on Pike's Peak        May 30
                     South Dakota:  
Trip Journal: Colorado Springs to The Black Hills  May 31
Wind Cave National Park: Introduction & Camping  June 1
Hiking the Park Trails: Hunting for the Proverbial Needle in a Haystack  June 1
Touring Wind Cave's Ancient Passageways  June 1
The Dakota Thunder Air Show: Wish I Could Fly One of Those! June 4
Rapid City: Gateway to the Black Hills  June 10
A Scenic Driving Loop Through the Black Hills  June 11
Hiking to Roughlock Falls in Spearfish Canyon  June 11
Campground Life at Ellsworth AFB  June 12
Back in the Wild & Scenic Bighorn Mountains: Why We Almost Didn't Return This Year  June 13
Running High: Trip Notes, Camping at Foothills, & Tongue River Flooding  June 14
Hiking Up the Tongue River Canyon Trail  June 14
Bighorn High Country Photos: That's a Bunch of Snow!  June 15
Behind the Scenes at the Bighorn Mtn. Trail Runs  June 16

The Bighorn Mountain Even-Wilder-&-More-Scenic-Than-Usual Trail Runs

     Friday: Scenes from the 100-Miler (briefing, start, Dry Fork, Twin Buttes) June 17
     Saturday: Fun on the 30K Course  June 18
     Where Did That Come From??? Never Say Never  June 18
     Sunday: Awards Brunch & Post-Race Musings  June 19
                    Silverton, CO:  
Hi, Ho Silverton!  Trip Notes & Scenic Views from the Bighorn Mtns. to the San Juan Range.  June 21
Camping at South Mineral Creek: the Art & Science of Choosing a Suitable Site  June 22
A Discouraging Prognosis for Jim's Injured Knee  June 22
Runs, Hikes, & Bike Rides in the San Juan Mountains AKA Where Did All the Oxygen Go?? (several entries below; this isn't a link)  
A Moose Is Loose: Scenes from South Mineral Creek Rd. & the Lower Ice Lake Trail   June 23
Hiking the Southern End of Colorado Trail Seg. 28 June 24
Hanging Out with the Hardrock Trail Marking Group June 25
A Fun Jeep Ride to Maggie and Cunningham Gulches June 25
Still a Winter Wonderland at Clear Lake  June 26
Monday's Miscellanea  June 27
Snowy Scenery from the Ice Lake Basins & Grant-Swamp Pass  June 28
Jim's MRI Results: Time to Re-Evaluate Our Race & Travel Plans June 30
Hiking One of My Favorite CT Segments (#25): Little Molas Lake to the Hanging Alpine Valley July 1
Update on Our Activities & Plans July 3
Celebrating the 4th of July with Another Hike to Clear Lake July 4
Hardrock Hundred Pre-Race Activities  July 7
Our Perspective of the Hardrock 100 as Communications Volunteers  July 10
Hardrock 100 Finish & Results + An Abrupt End to Our Race Weekend    July 10
A Different Kind of Ultra: Our 3,295-Mile Road Trip in Six Days (in the truck, not with the camper) July 16
Scenes From Hikes at Kendall Mountain & A Farewell to Silverton July 17
                    Colorado Springs, CO:   
Trip Notes & Photos: Silverton to the USAF Academy   July 18
Jim's Cool New Mountain Bike July 23
Shifting Gears: Jim's Transition from Ultra Runner to Ultra Cyclist  (addendum 2-13-2012 -- link to a video of David Horton's transition to ultra cycling) July 24
Hiking & Cycling the Falcon Loop  July 28
Photos from Red Rock Canyon Trails  July 29
Exploring the New Santa Fe Trail & Pike's Peak Greenway August 1
Life at Peregrine Pines Campground  August 3
                     Leadville, CO:  
Trip Notes: Colorado Springs to Leadville  August 3
Beatin' the Heat at 10,200 Feet (photos from Turquoise Lake) August 4
Revisiting Colorado Trail Segment 10 August 5
A Nostalgic Hike to Hope Pass  August 7
Wildflower Photos from Mount Hope  August 7
Hike to Willis Lake Between Mount Hope & LaPlata Peak  August 9
Cycling on the Mineral Belt Trail & Parts of the LT100 Bike Course  August 10
Volunteering for the LT100 Bike Race, Part 1: "Under New Management" August 14
Part 2: Bike Check-In, Briefing, & Twin Lakes Aid Station Prep  August 14
Part 3: Race Day: Our Perspective @ 1/2 Mile, Twin Lakes AS, Columbine Mine AS, & the Finish   August 14
The Morning After: Random Thoughts About the LT100 Bike Race  August 14
Let's Hike Somewhere New: Timberline Lake  August 15
Peak Experience: Mt. Elbert Triangle Hike  August 17
Where Are We??  One of the Perils of Our Nomadic Lifestyle  August 18
"I'm Only a Doctor, Not God:" An Update on Jim's Bum Knee  August 19
Pre-Race Volunteering for the LT100 Run: Check-In  August 19
Volunteering for the LT100 Run @ the Twin Lakes Aid Station  August 21
Time to Move On: Farewell to Leadville August 21
                    Wyoming (Aug. 22-Sept. 13)  
Trip Notes, Day 1:  Leadville, CO to Vernal, UT.  August 22
Trip Notes, Day 2:  Flaming Gorge to Teton Canyon, WY (west side of the Teton Range)  August 23
Summer Flowers & Winter Snow: Hiking High in Alaska Basin  August 24
Photo Gallery: More Pictures from Teton Canyon and Alaska Basin (these are on our Picasa photo-sharing site)  August 24
Camping at Reunion Flat CG in Teton Canyon  
Hiking & Cycling on the West Side of the Teton Mountains (Alaska Basin, Teton Crest Trail, Table Mountain, Devil's Staircase/Teton Shelf Loop, Grand Targhee Ski Resort trails, Teton Valley bike paths, etc.)  
Colter Bay CG in Grand Teton National Park  
Exploring Grand Teton NP: lakes, trails, bike path, scenic drives, visitor centers, Indian Arts Museum, historical buildings, etc.  
                    South Dakota (Sept. 14-Oct. 4)  
Back in Rapid City/Ellsworth AFB  
Cycling the 109-Mile Mickelson Trail (Jim rode it all in one day!)  
Hiking to Harney Peak: A Five-State Panorama from the Summit  
Other Hikes and Bike Rides in Rapid City and the Black Hills Region  
Thundering Herd: The 46th Annual Buffalo Roundup at Custer State Park  
Road Trip: South Dakota to Virginia via Ohio to Visit Relatives + Stats from Our Summer 2011 Trip  
                    Virginia (Oct. 8 to Dec. 2)  
Back in the Garden of Weedin'  
Knee Update: Two Olde Pharts Who Just Won't Give Up (even if they have only one good knee between them!)  
Cycling the New River Trail  
Hiking Tales from the Blue Ridge Mountains  
Camper Withdrawal (we stored "Cammie" in South Dakota; we miss her and the lifestyle she represents)  
One Less Ultra Running Legacy: Permanent Removal of My Black Toenails (not nearly as bad as it sounds!)  
Veteran's Day at the D-Day Memorial in Bedford, VA (home of The Bedford Boys, which is a great read)  
Tentative Winter Trip Plans: Stay Warm in the Desert Southwest!  
                    2011-2012 Winter Trip (Dec. 2 to April 1)  
It Sounded Like a Good Idea at the Time . . . (storing the camper at Ellsworth AFB): Our 3,036-Mile Trek to Arizona via South Dakota  
Agave Gulch FamCamp at Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson, AZ  
Exploring Tucson & the Surrounding Mountains:  
     Hiking at Madera Canyon  
     Visiting Mission San Zavier del Bac  
     Hiking a Scenic Loop in Sabino Canyon  
     Cycling on the Rillito River Multi-Use Path  
     Saguaro National Park: East and West Districts  
     The Seven Falls Trail in Bear Canyon  
     Road Trip to Mt. Lemmon (several feet of snow at the top!)  
     Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum  
A New Knee in January? Jim's Difficult Decision re: Surgery  
Volunteering at ATY  (nice new venue in Phoenix, AZ at Camelback Ranch, the spring training facility for the LA Dodgers and Chicago White Sox)  
Jan. 1 to Mar. 14: Camping at the Imperial Dam Long-Term Visitors' Area North of Yuma, AZ (see the 2012 journal)  

You can find additional photos of some of these areas from previous years on our Picasa site.      


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