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Welcome to Our World! 

January 2

Patagonia Lake State Park: A Winter Haven for Sunbirds January 4
Sonoita Creek State Natural Area: Miles and Miles of Trails January 4
Eternal Spring at Balmorhea State Park January 6
Chillin' Out at the Hill Country State Natural Area/Bandera Ultras January 9
Our Volunteer View of the Bandera Ultras January 10
Once a Runner, Always a Runner?  Acceptance January 13
Once a Runner, Always a Runner?  Retrospection January 13
The Next Third: Reinvention January 14
The Next Third: Mindful Awareness January 15
The Next Third: Bucket List of New Adventures January 16
Wet & Wild in San Antone January 17
Searching for the Perfect RV: It's a Jungle Out There! January 29
Narrowing the Search: Why We Chose a Carriage Cameo January 30
Welcome to Chez Cameo: Interior Photos January 31
Cameo Features: the Details February 1
Buying the Perfect RV: Sue's Rules of Engagement (in two parts) February 2
Volunteering at the Rocky Raccoon 50- and 100-Mile Runs  February 7
Parks in Peril, Part 1: A National Dilemma   March 20
Parks in Peril, Part 2: Coping Strategies to Keep Parks Open March 20
Parks in Peril, Part 3: What We Can Do to Help Keep Parks Open (and our first trial run as campground hosts)  March 20
We Texas State Parks in the Winter March 21
Hangin' Out at Huntsville State Park March 23
That's Some Big Lake! Our Visit to Lake Livingston State Park March 24
Finding Humor in the Strangest Places    March 25
Spring Has Sprung: An Introduction to Brazos Bend State Park March 26
     Part 2: An Island of Natural Diversity March 26
     Part 3: Plant Zones + Draining the Swamp March 26
     Part 4: What's in Bloom? March 26
     Part 5: Brazos Bend = One Big Food Chain   March 26
     Part 6: It's Tough to be a Baby Alligator March 26
     Part 7: Marsh Madness: Activities and Facilities (2 p.) March 27
On the Road: Texas to Georgia + Camping at the Lake Allatoona Navy Recreation Site   March 30
Hiking the Trails at Kennesaw Mtn. Natl. Battlefield Park April 2
The SweetH20 50K Trail Race  (4 pages because of all the photos) April 4
                    North Carolina:  
Getting Some Warranty Work Done on the Cameo (not written yet)  
Home Improvement: Tweaking the Cameo to Fit Our Lifestyle (not written yet)  
SOLAR INSTALLATION ON OUR CAMEO 5th-WHEEL CAMPER (photos and text by Jim) April 29
Here We Go Again: First Leg of Our Summer Trip, VA → TX   May 9
Caprock Canyons State Park: A Natural & Cultural Jewel   May 12
     Visiting Caprock Canyons: Activities, Facilities, Fees  May 12
     The Trails at Caprock Canyons SP:  Eagle Point & Canyon Rim May 12
     Trails @ Caprock Canyons:  Upper Canyon Loop Trails B & C  May 12
     Trails @ Caprock Canyons:  Upper Canyon Trail A and the Trailway May 12
Palo Duro Canyon State Park: Texas' Grand Canyon May 14
     Activities, Overnight Facilities, & Fees at Palo Duro Canyon May 14
     Exploring the Trails at Palo Duro Canyon SP (Part 1)  May 14
     The Popular Lighthouse Trail at Palo Duro Canyon   May 14
                    New Mexico:  
Yet Another Test of Our Flexibility  May 15
Trail Runs/Walks in the Los Alamos Area  May 21
Los Alamos Trails, Part 2:  Exploring Pajarito Mountain  May 21
Running & Working the Jemez Mountain Trail Runs  May 22
Itchy Feet: Adios to Los Alamos, Hello to Colorado Springs May 23
"Jewel of the Rockies:" the US Air Force Academy   May 25
What an Honor! Attending the USAF Academy Graduation Ceremony  May 26
The USAF Thunderbird Aerial Team: America's Ambassadors in Blue May 26
Scenic Loop Drive through the Pike National Forest  May 27
Amazing Awaits: Touring the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs May 28
Territory Days: Absorbing Some History in Old Colorado City May 29
Exploring the USAF Academy's 19,000 Acres via the Falcon Loop Trail May 30
Honoring Fallen Heroes on Memorial Day  May 31
Pike's Peak or Bust!  June 1
Garden of the Gods: A National Natural Landmark June 2
A Potpourri of Other Colorado Springs Activities   June 2
"The Richest Square Mile on Earth" (includes Golden Gate Canyon SP & nearby mining towns)   June 4
The Golden Gate Dirty Thirty Ultra: Jim's Race June 6
Photos from the Mountain Lion Trail at Golden Gate Canyon SP (my hike/ 7 miles of Jim's course)  June 6
Back in the Bighorns   June 8
A Run/Hike Up the Tongue River Canyon  June 8
Scenes from Dry Fork to Horse Creek Ridge June 9
Assessing Snow Conditions at the Upper Course Elevations   June 11
Riley Point Loop: Can We Make It Through the Snow?  June 14
The Bighorn Mountain Wild & Scenic Ultras: Volunteer Jobs, Pre-Race Activities, & the Start of the 100-Mile Race June 18
The Bighorn Ultras: Jim's 50K Race (1st of two parts)  June 19
The Bighorn Ultras: The Finish Line Party & Jim' Big Surprise June 19
The Riley Point Loop: What a Difference Five Days Make!   June 19
The Bighorn Post-Race Breakfast & 50/100-Mile Awards Ceremony  June 20
Early Spring Wildflowers in the Bighorn Mountain Range June 21
                    Colorado:  (July-August)  
Travelogue: Trip Notes + Camping Near Silverton  June 22
Trail Runs/Walks in the San Juan Mountains near Silverton:  
     S. Mineral Creek Road: Right Out Our Door!  June 23
     Clear Lake: Gorgeous Views, Floral Fantasyland June 24
     Clear Lake, Part 2: More Photos  June 24
     The Scenery Gets Even Better: Ice Lake Trail & Basins (in 4 parts) June 26
     Hardrock 100 Trail Marking from Mineral Creek to the Ice Lake Trail June 26
     Mineral Creek Trail to Rolling Mountain Pass  June 30
     Exploring the Alpine Basins near Rolling Mountain Pass (CT Seg. 25)   June 30
     CT Segment 25 from the Molas Pass Side  July 2
     Celebrating the Fourth, Silverton-Style  July 4
     Divide and Conquer: CT Segment 24   (in 4 parts)  July 5
     Hardrock Hundred (HRH) Pre-Race Activities July 8
     "Silverton, this is Grouse Gulch:" Our Volunteer Perspective at Hardrock July 10
     Hiking Grouse Gulch Toward American Basin and Handies Peak  July 10
     Hardrock Hundred: Awards Brunch  July 11
     Ultra Challenge on Kendall Mountain July 12
     Exploring the Town of Silverton, Part 1: Residential Architecture & Public Spaces July 12
     Exploring the Town of Silverton, Part 2: Historic Commercial Buildings July 12
     Farewell to Silverton: Miscellaneous Scenes & Snippets  July 13
Travel Notes + Camping at Kenosha Pass  July 13
Scenes from Colorado Trail Segment 5: Long Gulch to Kenosha Pass July 14
Colorado Trail Segment 6: Jefferson Creek Rd. to Georgia Pass  July 16
The North Fork 50K & 50-Miler in Pine, CO  July 18
Colorado Springs, Take Two: Back at the USAF Academy July 21
     Exploring Red Rock Canyon Trails July 22
     Exploring More Red Rock Canyon Trails  July 22
     Weighing the Risk of Adventure & Mourning the Loss of Ultra Runner Dave Westlake  July 23
     Over the Rampart Range to Farish Rec Area  July 24
     A Virtual Tour of Pike's Peak from the Barr Trail (Sue's ascent) (3 pages) July 27
SORRY: Another gap while we head west to escape the ravages of winter in Virginia! Not a joke this time -- it's in the teens outside and we have 2" of snow in early December. So much for getting out of here before the snow flies! Scroll down to see where we are.  
     Visiting the Pioneer Museum  
     Miramont Castle  
     More Pike's Peak Photos (Jim's ascent & descent)  
     Howling with the Wolves  
     Florissant Fossil Beds Natl. Monument  
     Other Park and Museum Adventures in COS  
More Hikes and Runs at Kenosha Pass  
Our Annual Trek to Leadville: runs and hikes in the mountains, volunteering for the 100-mile bike race and run, scenes from the races  
                    Wyoming: August-Sept.  
Teton Canyon Adventures: Alaska Basin, Hurricane Pass, Table Mountain  
Training Runs on the Grand Teton Race (GTR) course  
The GTR 50-miler  
                    Utah: September  
Hill AFB & the Wasatch Front  
Exploring Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake  
Trails in Logan Canyon  
Jim's Final Prep for The Bear 100  
Running and Crewing The Bear 100  
                    Colorado: Sept.-Oct.  
Virtual Tour through Rocky Mountain National Park  
Trails and Alpine Lakes in Glacier Gorge  
Struttin' Their Stuff: the Elk Rut  
                    Indiana: October  
Amish Life in Elkhart County  
Warranty Work at Fox RV + Touring the Factory Where Our Cameo was Built  
                    Ohio: October  
CG & Trails at East Fork Lake State Park  
                    Virginia: October/November  
A Short Interlude in Roanoke (still have a house there; the Cameo is "home")  
The Search for the Perfect "Hybrid" Bike  
Cody Decoded (you'll just have to wait and see!)  
A Hiccup in Our Winter Travel & Race Plans: Jim's Knee Injury + Meniscus Surgery  
                    Arizona: December             
On the Road Again: Following the Snowbirds to Warmer Climes  
McDowell & Estrella Mountain Regional Parks in the Phoenix Area  
Volunteering at the Inaugural Desert Solstice 24-Hour Race  
ATY (Across the Years) Is Back!!!  Let's Run & Volunteer!  
Other entries coming up in the 2010 journal: fall and winter training and races, stories from Arizona, filling in my journaling gap from March and April, and whatever else motivates me to write.

Plus (eventually) photos and entries from June and July, 2009 that I  missed: more training runs in the Bighorn Mountains in WY; the Bighorn Mountain Wild and Scenic trail races; runs in the San Juan Mountains near Silverton, CO; volunteering at the Hardrock Hundred and Leadville Trail Run; and running the Tahoe Rim Trail 50K. You can find photos from the 2009 Bighorn, Hardrock, and Tahoe Rim Trail races and scenery on our Picasa site.      

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