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                    Phoenix Area:


Hello Again! 

January 5

Looking Back, Looking Forward January 8
Exploring More Trails at McDowell Mountain Park January 10
Silly Birds & Singing Coyotes: Wildlife Sightings at McDowell January 11
Ancient Communities in the Verde Valley: Montezuma Castle Nat. Monument January 13
Ancient Communities in the Verde Valley: Montezuma Well Natl. Monument January 13
Ancient Communities in the Verde Valley: Tuzigoot Natl. Monument January 13
Marley & the Mail January 14
                    New Mexico:  
Journey Here to There: Introduction to the Ghost Town 38.5 January 16
Ghost Town: More Pre-Race Activities January 17
Ghost Town: the Race and Post-Race Activities January 19
Fun in the Texas Sun: San Antonio & Mustang Island February 1
Mustang Island & the Corpus Christi Bay Area February 1 
Touring the USS Lexington AKA "The Blue Ghost" February 1  
Back to the Pineywoods of Huntsville State Park February 6
The Rocky Raccoon 50- and 100-mile Races February 8
Running in a Different Reality February 14
Spring Comes Early at Huntsville State Park February 27
A Memorable Month at Huntsville SP: Armadillos, Skullduggery, & More March 1
The "Mississlippy" 50 Ultras, Part 1: Setting the Scene March 8
The MS 50 Ultras, Part 2: The Race March 8
What & Where is "Home?" March 27
In a Rut  April 2
The Umstead Ultras: Just a Run in the Park April 7
Extending the Battery Life of Your Garmin Forerunner 205/305  (by Jim) mid-April
Promise Land: Not Your Grandma's 50K April 26
Tying Up Loose Ends: Training & Race Plans  May 1
Reaching a Major Milestone: A Friend Completes the Appalachian Trail!  May 2
If It Isn't One Thing, It's Another . . . A New Challenge  May 4
Considering Sixty  May 6
                    New Mexico:  
Scratching the Itch: Heading Back to the West  May 10
Los Alamos: Where Discoveries Are Made           May 13
Beyond Los Alamos: The Jemez Mtn. National Scenic Byway    May 14
Tuff Times: Exploring Old Pueblo Ruins at Bandelier National Monument       May 14
Tuff Times #2: Exploring the Cliff Dwellings at Tsankawi Pueblo   May 14
Exploring the Trails Around Los Alamos, Part 1    May 15
Exploring the Trails Around Los Alamos, Part 2      May 15
The Jemez Mountain Trail 50-Miler and 50K   May 17
                    South Dakota:  
South Dakota: Great Faces, Great Places   May 20
Roaming Bison, Begging Burros, & More at Custer State Park May 21
The Mickelson Trail: Running Through the Heart of the Black Hills May 21
Back in the Bighorn Mountains of Northern Wyoming May 22
Tongue River Canyon to Horsecreek Ridge: A Training Run Through Rattlesnake Territory  May 23
A Successful Dry Fork-Bear Camp Run, but Stymied on the Riley Loop May 26
Slaying the Dragon + A Cross-Country Cycling Adventure May 27
Long Run from Dry Fork to Stock Tank & Back May 28
Group Training Run from Dry Fork to the Tongue River Canyon Trailhead  May 31
The Run We've Dreaded: Tongue River Road + Messing with Jim's Mind  June 3
Snow in the Bighorns: Increasing the Challenge June 7
Running in the Little Bighorn Canyon: Time to Cope with Adversity Head-On June 8
                    Silverton, Colorado:  
The Day My World Stood Still: Sue's Mysterious Bike Crash August 5
Bike Crash, Part 2: What's Wrong & How Do I Fix It? August 5
Bike Crash, Part 3: Trying to Put an Incomplete Puzzle Together August 6
Bike Crash, Part 4: The Fragility of Life & Other Ruminations August 6
Update on Sue's Recovery + Race & Travel Plans for the Rest of the Summer August 8
                    Leadville, Colorado:  
The Next Chapter: Hanging Out in Leadville August 12
Leadville Trail (LT) 100 Bike Race: Pre-race Activities from the Volunteer Perspective + Our Philosophy about High-Dollar Races August 14
LT100 Bike Race: The Armstrong-Wiens Rematch + Multi-Tasking in Our Volunteer Role August 16
Medical Update Two Weeks Post-Bike Crash August 17
LT100 Run: Pre-race Activities & the Black Hawk Tragedy on Mt. Massive August 21
LT100 Run from the Radio/Communications Perspective + Awards Ceremony & Notable Achievements (in three parts) August 23
Photos from Our Training Runs/Hikes/Walks in the Leadville Area August 24
                    Logan Canyon, Utah:  
A Change of Scenery: Getting to Logan Canyon & Finding a Campsite August 29
Mini Visitors' Guide to Logan Canyon & the City of Logan August 29
Preview of The Bear 100 Course August 30
Exploring Some Other Trails in the Canyon  August 30
Uninvited Guests: A Mouse Tale August 30
On the Road to Teton Canyon: Bear Lake & Beyond August 31
                    Grand Teton Mountains, Wyoming:  
Exploring the Western Slopes of the Tetons: Alaska Basin September 3
Training Runs & Hikes on the Grand Teton Course (Part 1) September 4
Training Runs & Hikes on the Grand Teton Course (Part 2) September 4
Grand Teton 50- & 100-Mile Races September 6
                    Southeastern U.S.:  
New Circumstances = New Plans September 17
The Hinson Lake 24-Hour Ultra Classic September 20
Lessons from Laz September 21
A Run on the Appalachian Trail & an Old Stagecoach Road September 28
Down the Terlet: For Your Amusement September 29
Rainy Day Musings: Memories of Ultra Races & Runners in the Early 1990s October 10
Where Is This Trail?   October 24
An Autumn Treat: Catawba Valley from McAfee Knob on the AT   October 25
Bye Bye, Vitamin I?? Another Cautionary Tale   November 11
Sue's Doggone Granny Knees! The Writing Is Clearly on the Wall.   November 12
Sue's New Running Reality November 14
Nature as Therapy: Our Need for Wilderness November 20
Escaping Our Funky Fall: Let's Hit the Road Again! November 23
Da Agony of Da Feet: Jim's Bout with Plantar Faciitis November 24
                   Austin, Texas:  
Gypsy Update: Hello From Austin! December 4
Run Like the Wind Ultra-Distance Races  December 6
Welcome to McKinney Falls State Park in Austin December 8
Exploring the Trails at McKinney Falls SP December 8
Love at First Hike: Austin's Town Lake Trail December 9
Austin from a Tourist Perspective December 10
                    Phoenix, Arizona:  
Coming Full Circle in 2009: Back to McDowell Mountain Regional Park December 20
Drama in the Desert December 22
Trying to Stimulate Arizona's Economy December 23
Training Update + Trail Photos from McDowell Mtn. Park December 26
Exploring New Trails at McDowell Mtn. Park December 26
The Beauty of the Sonoran Desert, From the Eyes of This Beholder December 29
The ARR Run to the Future 24-Hour Race, Part 1 Jan. 1, 2010
The ARR Run to the Future 24-Hour Race, Part 2 Jan. 1, 2010
Other entries coming up in the 2010 journal: once a runner, always a runner? scenes from the Southwest; winter training and races; and more.

Plus (eventually) photos and entries from June and July, 2009 that I  missed: more training runs in the Bighorn Mountains in WY; the Bighorn Mountain Wild & Scenic Trail Races; runs in the San Juan Mountains near Silverton, CO; volunteering at the Hardrock Hundred and Leadville Trail Run; and running the Tahoe Rim Trail 50K. You can find photos from the 2009 Bighorn, Hardrock, and Tahoe Rim Trail races and scenery on our Picasa site.   


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