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January 15

Where the Heck Are Sue and Jim??  A Testament to Flexibility January 16
                    Phoenix Area:  
The Valley of the Sun: A Mid-Winter's Treat January 17
The Magic & Majesty of McDowell Mountain Park January 18
Photo Tour of the Trails at McDowell Mountain Park, Part 1 January 19
Photo Tour of the Trails at McDowell Mountain Park, Part 2 January 19
Javelina Haven: Critters at McDowell Mountain Park January 20
Saguaro Central: Flora of the Sonoran Desert January 20
                    New Mexico:  
Onward to White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico January 21
Playing in the Dunes at White Sands National Monument January 22
Exploring Carlsbad Caverns January 23
                     San Antonio, TX:  
Savoring San Antonio, Texas: "Military City, USA" and a Cattle Drive January 27
Paseo del Rio: San Antonio's Intriguing River Walk January 28
San Antonio's Architectural Variety (historic homes, Market Square, etc.) January 29
Leaving a Legacy: San Antonio's Historic Spanish Missions, Part 1 January 30
San Antonio's Historic Spanish Missions, Part 2 January 30
Remember the Alamo! January 31
                    Huntsville, TX:  
What Alligators??  Having Fun at Huntsville State Park, TX February 1
The Rocky Raccoon 100-mile Run February 4
                    Galveston Island, TX:  
Galveston, Oh Galveston! February 5
A Splendid Park on a Splendid Island February 6
Spectacular Island Sunsets February 6
Return to the Gilded Age: A Tour of Galveston's Historic Places, Part 1 February 7
The "Broadway Beauties" & More: A Tour of Galveston's Historic Places, Part 2 February 7
                    Houston, TX:  
Out of This World: the Houston Space Center February 8
                    The Road Back Home:  
Carry Me Back to Old Virginny February 12
This Mobile Lifestyle  February 23
Mole: Ol! Love That Southwestern Cuisine February 25
                    Summer in Virginia:       
So When Will We See Photos of the Rockies??  You Ask June 8       
What's Next? Our Training, Race, & Travel Plans for the Rest of the Year   June 12
Having Fun with Cross-Training  June 14
Younger Next Year: Taking Charge of Your Health & Fitness June 26
My Ultra Running Heroes: Role Models Who Inspire Me July 5
Vicarious Summer 2008 Journey Runs for Your Enjoyment  July 10
Decade Creep: Trying to Age Gracefully August 3
How's That "Staycation" Going?? Lessons in Patience & Adaptation August 8
Playing in the Dirt (warning: lots of colorful gardening photos - may take longer to load) (some running content if you look real hard) August 10
Summer's Bounty (second in gardening series; some running content) August 12
Trying to Outwit the Wildlife (third in gardening series; minimal running content) August 17
The Fruits of Our Labor: Saga of the Peaches (last in gardening series) August 18
Tribute to an Ultra Lab August 31
                    Fall Training & Races:  
Updated Race and Travel Plans September 9
Training Update September 11
Stuff Happens: An Ode to Adaptability September 15
Update on Several Journey Runs (+ addendum 9-30-08) September 18
Hinson Lake 24-Hour Ultra Classic (race date: Sept. 27-28) October 2
Self-Critique of Our Race/What's Next?/Volunteering at Grindstone 100 October 6
New River Trail 50K: Introduction to the Race October 9
New River Trail 50K: Race Report October 13
Crisis of Confidence October 14
Regaining My Perspective: Getting a Grip October 18
Strength Through Struggle, Part I:  Why Be Normal? October 24
Strength Through Struggle, Part II: Seasons of Life October 25
Masochists 'R' Us: Preparing for the MMTR 50-Miler October 30
Mountain Masochist Race Report November 7
Expanding Our Vision: Roanoke's Stunning New Art Museum November 10
Catching Up on the Eve of Our Departure November 17
                    Winter Travelogue from the Southwest: Texas  
A New Adventure Begins: On the Road to Texas November 20
Fort Hood, TX, Part 1: Fun at Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area November 30 
Fort Hood, Part 2: Our Excursions to the Main Post (+ more BLORA photos) November 30 
From Roots to Rocks: Howdy from Huntsville State Park December 4
Training Update: Exploring the Trails at Huntsville State Park December 4
Introduction to the Sunmart Races & Pre-race Activities December 5
Success at Sunmart: the Race & Post-race Activities December 6 
Defining Success: Post-race Thoughts December 7
San Antonio, All Dressed Up for the Holidays December 8
Summer at Seven, Winter at One December 11
                    Phoenix, AZ area:  
Seasons Greetings from Estrella Mountain Regional Park December 26
Behind the Scenes at Across the Years (ATY)  December 27
Show Time! The Runners Arrive for ATY December 28
ATY Day 1: Jim & 78 Other Runners Take to the Track December 29
ATY Day 2: Jim Toughs Out Another Day December 30 
ATY Day 3: Sue's Turn to Run December 31 
ATY Triumphs & Tributes: The Finish and Awards Brunch Jan. 1, 2009
(more ATY photos are on our Picasa site)  
Coming up in the 2009 journal: reports from our other winter ultras (Ghost Town, Rocky Raccoon, Mississippi 50) and a continuing travelogue from AZ, NM, TX, and the Gulf Coast.  

"Runtrails & Company" - Sue Norwood, Jim O'Neil, Cody, and Tater (in spirit)

 2008  Sue Norwood and Jim O'Neil