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May 29

Confessions of an Ultra Runner May 31
This Summer's Grand Plan June 1
Back in the Rockies! June 2
CT Segment 3: FS 550 to Wellington Lake Road June 3
CT Segment 4: Wellington Lake Rd. to Long Gulch June 4
Risky Business/Doing Nothing Fatal  June 5
Bighorn Training Run in Dry Fork/Camp Creek Ridge Area June 6
Weathering the Bighorns + Tongue River Canyon Views June 8
Bighorn Course Snow Report: Porcupine & Dry Fork Areas June 9
More Bighorn Photos at Porcupine from Rich Garrison June 10
Bighorn Crews Have Their Work Cut Out for Them: Photos from the Footbridge Area June 11
More Photos from the Tongue River Canyon June 12
Porcupine Photos: After the Thaw June 13
Bighorn Pre-Race Activities June 14
The Bighorn 100-Mile Race Begins! June 15
Part 2, Bighorn 100-Miler/Dry Fork Aid Station June 15
Race Day #2: 50K Photos, Post-Race Picnic  June 16
Post-Race Brunch & Awards Ceremony  June 17
Summary of Jim's Bighorn Race June 18
Farewell to the Bighorns/Visiting an Alpaca Ranch   June 19
Update/Overnight Stop in Leadville  June 20
The Plan Evolves . . . June 21
CT Segment 14-15: Marshall Pass to Mt. Shivano June 22
CT Segment 18-19: CO 114/North Pass to Eddiesville June 24
Back in the San Juans/Silverton/Cunningham Gulch June 26
Clear Lake Training Run June 27
Updated Gear Review June 28
Molas Pass to Rolling Mtn. Pass & Back (part of CT Seg. 25) June 29
Marking KT to Mineral Creek on the Hardrock Course June 30
Mendota Ridge/Virginius Pass Trail Work Day  July 3
Bear Creek Trail Work Day  July 5
Ice Lake-Grant Swamp Pass Training Run July 5
Exploring Little Giant Peak/Cunningham Gulch July 6
Mineral Creek/Rolling Mountain Pass Hike July 7
Handies Peak Trail Work Day July 7
Redcloud Peak Trail Work Day July 8
Updated Nutrition/Energy Product Review July 10
Cunningham-Little Giant-Silverton Run July 11
Pre-Race Activities July 12
The Hardrock Hundred, Day 1: The View from Cunningham and Grouse July 13
The Hardrock Hundred, Day 2: The View from Grant-Swamp Pass July 14
The Hardrock Hundred: The Finale July 15
Exploring CT Segment 24's Recent Reroute from Stony Pass July 16
Moving On: Farewell to Silverton! July 17
CT Segments 16-17: North Pass/Hwy. 114 to Marshall Pass -- I'm done with the CT!!!!  July 18
Dare to Dream   July 20
Training for the LT 100: Hope Pass Double Crossing July 22
Exploring CT Segments 11-12 Reroute-in-Progress July 24
More Leadville Training Runs: Turquoise Lake to Twin Lakes July 26
Jim's Long Hope Pass Double & Sue's Mt. Elbert - CT Circuit July 28
Random Musings (moving to Leadville, cruising the Boulevard, coyotes, etc.) July 29
Colorado's Alpine Wildflowers, Part 1  July 31
Mastering Mt. Massive August 1
More of Jim's LT Training Runs August 2
Colorado's Alpine Wildflowers, Part 2 August 3
Colorado's Alpine Wildflowers, Part 3 August 4
Leadville's 57th Annual Boom Days Celebration, Part 1 (Saturday) August 4
Boom Days, Part 2 (Sunday)  August 5
Brief Tribute to the 10th Mountain Division      August 6
Hummingbirds: Ultra-Distance Champs August 7
Summiting Mt. Sherman     August 8
More Training Runs: Turquoise Lake, Mt. Hope, Mineral Belt Trail August 9
Leadville Trail 100-Mile Mountain Bike Race, Part 1 August 10
Leadville Trail 100-Mile Mountain Bike Race, Part 2 August 11
Hope Pass #5 (Jim), 14ers Belford and Oxford (Sue)  August 13
Leadville Trail 100-Mile Trail Run: Pre-race Activities  August 17
LT100 Run: The Race August 18
LT100 Run: Results/Awards August 19
LT100 Run: What Went Wrong for so Many People? August 21
What's Next? August 23
On the Road Again August 29

Teton Views

August 30
The Grand Teton 100-Mile Trail Run: All About + Pre-race Activities August 31
GTR100: The Race, Day 1 Sept. 1
GTR100: The Race, Day 2 and Awards Ceremony Sept. 2
Teton Canyon Run & Farewell to the Rockies Sept. 3
Home Again: Now What?? October 2
Hinson Lake 24-Hour Ultra Classic, Part 1: The Concept & Preparation October 6
Hinson Lake 24-Hour, Part 2: The Race (held on Sept. 29-30) October 6
Introduction to ATY: Across the Years 24-, 48-, and 72-Hour Runs December 16
Where Did All These Runners Come From? Gaining Entry into Popular Ultras   December 17
Our Training for ATY: Ready or Not, It's Almost Race Time! December 18
Back to the West:  Road Trip!! December 26
ATY Pre-Race Activities at Nardini Manor December 28
Raising the Bar @ Across the Years, Day 1: Saturday December 29
Across the Years, Day 2: Sunday December 30
Across the Years, Day 3+: New Year's Eve Celebration, Finish, & Awards Brunch  Jan. 1, 2008
2007 Year-End Running Review Jan. 4, 2008

"Runtrails & Company" - Sue Norwood, Jim O'Neil, Cody, and Tater

 2007  Sue Norwood and Jim O'Neil