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Runtrails' Rocky Mountain Journal
                                           TOPIC/DESTINATION DATE
Introduction & Site Navigation May 18
The Plan May 21
On the Road Again May 26
Berryman 50-Mile Trail Run May 28
The Road to Wyoming May 30
Bighorn Bits/Canyon Training Run May 31
You Can Go Home Again! June 1
Dry Fork Ridge Training Run #1 June 2
Dry Fork Ridge Training Run #2 June 3
Horse Creek Ridge Training Run June 5
Snake Bite!! A Cautionary Tale June 6
Porcupine Training Run June 8
Medicine Wheel Sacred Site June 8, cont.
Cow Camp/Sheep Creek Training Run  June 11
Off the Beaten Path: Little Bighorn Canyon/Footbridge Aid Station June 12
Countdown to the Bighorn 100-Miler June 14
The Calm Before the Storm June 15
Show Time! June 16
Deja V All Over Again June 17
Post-Race Buffet & Awards Ceremony June 18
Monday Morning Quarterbacking June 19
The Waiting Game June 21
Bighorn Driving Loop Photos June 22
Introduction to the Colorado Trail June 24
Colorado Trail Map             (Added 9-24-06)  
CT Segment 1: Waterton Canyon to S. Platte River June 25
CT Segment 2: S. Platte River to FSR-550 June 26
Rocky Mountain Highs June 27
Comparison of the Colorado and Appalachian Trails June 28
Exploring Silverton June 29
CT Segment 26: Bolam Pass Rd. to Hotel Draw Rd. June 30
CT Segment 25: Molas Pass to Bolam Pass Rd. July 2
Exploring the Mineral Creek Area July 3
Mineral Creek → KT Run July 4
Clear Lake Run & Climb July 6
CT Segment 27+: Hotel Draw Rd. to FSR-171N July 7
Jim's Grant-Swamp Pass Run July 8
CT Segment 28: FSR-171N to Junction Creek Trailhead/Durango July 9
Thirty Miles of CT Splendor - Jim's Molas to Molas Training Run July 10
CT Segment 24: Stony Pass Rd. to Molas Pass July 11
Hardrock Hundred - Pre-race Activities July 13
Hardrock Hundred - Perspective from Grant-Swamp Pass July 14
Hardrock Hundred - Perspective from Cunningham Aid Station/Brunch & Awards Ceremony July 16
CT Segments 22-23: Stony Pass Rd. to Spring Creek Pass (Hwy. 149) July 18
CT Segments 20-21: Spring Creek Pass to Eddiesville Trailhead July 20
Alferd Packer and Plan B July 21
Hope Pass X 2 July 22
CT Segment 11: Halfmoon Creek to Clear Creek Canyon/ Winfield Road July 23
CT Segment 12: Clear Creek Canyon/Winfield Road to North Cottonwood Creek July 25
The Ghost Towns of Clear Creek Canyon July 29
CT Segment 13: North Cottonwood Creek to Chalk Creek July 30
Murder and Mayhem on the Old Stagecoach Road July 31
CT Segment 14: Chalk Creek to Angel of Shavano Trailhead August 1
Twin Lakes → Leadville Photo Essay August 3
CT Segments 9 & 10: Tennessee Pass/Hwy. 24 to Halfmoon Creek August 4
Boom Days & Burros August 6
CT Segment 8: Copper Mtn./Hwy. 91 to Tennessee Pass/Hwy. 24 August 7
Tribute to the 10th Mountain Division August 8
CT Segment 7: Goldhill Trailhead/Hwy. 9 to Copper Mtn./Hwy. 91 August 9
Fun with Friends at the Leadville Trail 100-Mile Bike Race August 13
Fabulous Fungi August 14
A Photographic Tour of Leadville August 15
Countdown to the Leadville Trail 100-mile Run August 18
LT100: Jim's Race/Sue's Crew View August 20
CT Segment 6: Kenosha Pass to Goldhill Trailhead/Hwy. 9 August 22
CT Segment 5: Long Gulch to Kenosha Pass August 23
More Mushroom Madness August 24
Legends of Leadville: Adventuresome Souls from the 1800s  August 25
Leadville's Rich Mining Heritage August 27
Eastward Ho! Final Thoughts on a Most Excellent Summer in the Rockies Sept. 18
More "Final" Thoughts: Gear and Nutrition Review Sept. 23
Large Colorado Trail Map Sept. 23
We have recently switched our photo albums (see "More Photos" link above left) from WebShots to Picasa. Although there aren't any additional 2006 photos on it yet, there may be some other photos that you haven't seen before.  I'll eventually have a "virtual" tour of the CT when I finish the remaining seven sections in 2007. Meanwhile, enjoy the plethora of pictures in the journal pages above. Thanks! 2-28-07
"Runtrails & Company" - Sue Norwood, Jim O'Neil, Cody, and Tater

 2006  Sue Norwood and Jim O'Neil

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