Eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly feeding on Miss Huff lantana flowers in our yard


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"Any day that I am too busy to get outside and walk, is a day that I am too busy."  
~ Sue
I think Jim would agree to that, too! We almost always get outside every day despite any inclement weather or obligations. Our dogs make sure of that, and we're both just wired to be active.

During the COVID pandemic people either seem to get more exercise because they have more time, are working/schooling from home, and are restricted from their usual activities -- or they hunker down in their house more, are less active, and have gained weight! There have been all kinds of jokes and memes on the internet to indicate the "Quarantine 15" (additional pounds) is more likely.

Thanks to Gary Cantrell AKA Laz's brilliant idea of a 1,000 km virtual foot race across Tennessee from May 1 to August 31, Jim and I got more miles walking this year than last, despite the pandemic.

Jim still does some fixed-time ultra-distance events every year. He's maintained more consistent miles than I have since he had to stop running several years ago. I wrote about two ultra-distance events he did recently in the previous entry.

I had to stop running in 2009. After that I did plenty of walking and hiking when we were traveling to interesting places out West but less after we bought our current house in 2017 and sold the RV. So the virtual GVRAT race was a good motivator for me to put in more miles and "stay ahead of the buzzard."

This entry features photos I took this year when walking or cycling on Peachtree City's 100+ mile network of paved bike paths. People also call them "cart" paths in reference to all the golf carts that use them to get around town.

Since I'm including over 60 photos in this entry, it will be in two parts with separate links to each page. I'll start with general scenes beginning this spring and continue through summer and fall.


Despite its name, Peachtree City has a lot more cherry trees than peach trees!

The pink Okame variety in the next photo blooms very early, usually mid-February, with white Yoshino cherry trees following in March:


The next three photos are near the library and city buildings:



Azaleas, mountain laurels, and many other flowers are in bloom by late March. The next two photos are along one of the Kedron Ponds:


By early April most of the deciduous leaves are out and the cart path has a lot of shade. Dapper Don patiently poses when I take his picture:

This is one of many pretty creeks the path crosses:


The next series of photos is from May near Drake Field, along the east side of Lake Peachtree, over to Spyglass Island (formerly named Snake Island!), and down to the unique "piano key" weir spillway:






Bridge to Spyglass Island

There is some paved walkway on the island, as well as dirt paths.




This bench near the spillway at the southern end of Lake Peachtree has a plaque
memorializing a nearby resident who was 102 years old when she died.

The next set of scenic photos from early May is part of one of the routes I enjoy that crosses creeks and passes one of the three golf courses in Peachtree City:








In June, July, and August I was venturing even farther from home on the cart paths as I increased my long walks to 17+ miles during my virtual walk across Tennessee. I appreciated all the shade from trees on hot summer mornings.

Boardwalk through part of the Flat Creek Nature Area


One of many little free libraries along the cart path system

Above and two photos below:  Braelinn Ponds



Good morning, sunshine!

We had plenty of rain this year (about 20" in excess). Jim took this photo of a flooded low spot.


I haven't taken a lot of pictures this fall on my walks because I have so many from previous years.

Here is a recent one with Don patiently waiting for me under the bright red leaves on a Japanese maple tree:

Part 2 in next entry features wildlife, nature, and kindness themes.

Happy trails,

"Runtrails & Company" - Sue Norwood, Jim O'Neil, Casey-Girl, Holly-Holly, & Dapper Don

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2020 Sue Norwood and Jim O'Neil