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Speaking of shaggy and in need of a combing, the bus driver spotted this coyote crossing the road near Polychrome Pass:

We saw lots of caribou in lots of places. Some were in small groups, some just solo. Most were in meadows, although some were walking right down the middle of the road like bears, moose, and other critters do.

Here are a few of them:








Everybody on my Kantishna bus was friendly and even the avid photographers with those huge zoom lenses readily let others take shots from their window when we saw bears and other critters. I was on a bus ride three years ago when one jerk hogged the best viewing points for every animal we saw. 


On the way back a large group of campers and hikers boarded at Wonder Lake. They filled the remaining seats so I had a seatmate from there to Tek. That was fine. He was a young man who has done a lot of traveling and it was interesting to talk with him. 

Here are some more photos I took on the return trip:

Above and below:  Rest area at south end of Wonder Lake; when Jim and I were here in 
August, 2012 we picked lots of blueberries on the hillside but it's too early for them this time.


Pond (foreground) and McKinley riverbed between Wonder Lake and Eielson; Denali's still hiding.

We finally got a glimpse of Denali's lower snow-covered slopes as we approached Eielson
from the west but we couldn't see any of its other side from that visitor center.

McKinley River valley and mountains south of the Eielson Visitor Center

Toklat River valley

Toklat Ranger Station and bookstore at Mile 53, one of several regular 
rest breaks/potty stops for inbound and outbound shuttle buses.

Partial view of Denali across the Toklat riverbed; fireweeds in bloom in the gravel

Colorful mountains near Sable Pass

Teklanika River at the bridge, 2+ miles from home

The Kantishna bus was 15 minutes late at Tek this morning and got behind a little bit more during the day because of the numerous animal sightings. I got back to the Tek CG about 6:45 PM. I wasn't as tired as I thought I'd be. I got off at every stop to walk around and I had plenty with me to eat and drink.

I can recommend this long trip if you have the time and an interest in seeing the terrain and buildings past the Wonder Lake rest stop at Mile 85.

Here's a link if you'd like to read details (lots of details -- I just scanned it in a few minutes) and see photos about the mining history at Kantishna.

Small ranger station between Wonder Lake and Kantishna, a very remote place to be stationed

I'm looking forward to going out two more times to Wonder Lake and Eielson/Polychrome for hiking while we're at Tek. The weather is supposed to be more clear the next two days.

While I was gone Jim rode Casey on the bike twice (she insisted!), including back to the Tek rest area again. He also rode another 15 miles alone on the park road. He plans a longer ride tomorrow.

Next entryanother great day in Denali on Tek Pass Ride #2 -- hiking the ridge above Eielson Visitor Center and along the road at Wonder Lake

Happy trails,

"Runtrails & Company" - Sue Norwood, Jim O'Neil, Cody the ultra Lab, and Casey-pup

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