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"Nestled in the Hoosic River Valley, between Mount Greylock and the Hoosac Mountains   
in Berkshire County, the Ashuwillticook Rail Trail takes its name from a Native American
word meaning 'the pleasant river between the hills.' Gorgeous views of the mountains,
lake, and river, plus ample rest areas, make for a perfect day trip and contribute
to this trail's popularity with locals and visitors to the scenic Berkshires." 
~ Trail Link website by the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy

This was a pretty day and it was mostly relaxing and enjoyable to us, just the way life should be when you're retired and full-timing in an RV!

We left the campground in North Adams early this morning and drove south about ten miles to the town of Adams. We parked in the "Discover the Berkshires" visitor center parking lot, which is the northern terminus for the 11.2-mile Ashuwillticook Rail Trail:



The old train depot near the beginning of the rail trail in Adams has been renovated into a pub that's popular with cyclists:


We really enjoyed this wide paved multi-use trail that extends south to the town of Lanesborough.

It has a slight (200-foot) elevation gain going southbound = upstream along the Hoosic River. The trail basically follows the Hoosic for several miles in the northern half and the Cheshire Reservoir, a large lake, for several miles in the southern half.

Above and below:  Cheshire Reservoir

There are also several miles with different kinds of wetlands. One was filled with noisy frogs; I liked that!


Much of the trail is wooded and some sections near Adams reminded us of the New River Rail Trail in VA:




Jim stops to read one of the interpretive panels along the path.

There were lots of flowers in the more open areas and red-berried deciduous shrubs all along the route. I asked several people what they were but the folks I chose were all from out of state and didn't know, either. I couldn't find them online later.



I liked the flowers at this greenhouse along the rail trail.

The views of the northern half of the reservoir were very nice, with Mt. Greylock and other mountains/hills on the far side:

Fishing on Cheshire Reservoir; Mount Greylock is in the center background.

The lake is a popular place to fish from a boat or on shore:


Many more people were biking, hiking, running, and roller-blading on the rail trail. Most were considerate and stayed to their right. It was great to see so many younger and older people enjoying the scenery and getting some good exercise.

Jim stayed a little bit ahead of me on the way out (south) and stopped a few times so we could talk. We stopped at the far end of the trail in Lanesborough to eat Clif bars:

I encouraged Jim to go faster on the way back so he got done a few minutes faster than I did. My legs were tired from yesterday's hike and I wanted to enjoy the views and take photos.

Here are some scenes from the way back:



We were both amused by this unusual lakeside cabin on the way out so I took time to photograph it on the way back:



When we got back to the truck we walked through a small farmers' market set up in the same parking lot at the visitor's center and enjoyed the music for a little while, then returned home.

If you're interested in more information about riding, running, or hiking the trail here's a different web link from the one in the quote at the top of this page.

Next entry:  from the Berkshires in MA to the Green Mountains in VT for three days

Happy trails,

"Runtrails & Company" - Sue Norwood, Jim O'Neil, Cody the ultra Lab, and Casey-pup

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