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"Baddeck, on the shore of the Bras d'Or Lakes on Cape Breton Island, derives its name   
from the Mi'kmaq word 'abadak,' which means 'place with an island near' . . .
During the era of wooden ships Baddeck's boatyards helped sustain the
economy. Today its harbor bustles with yachts and commercial boating traffic."
~ AAA Tour Book/Atlantic Provinces & Quebec, 2013 edition, p. 136

This was a slower-paced day; we needed a break after gallivanting around Cape Breton Island the last two days.

Since this is our last full day on the island that means we haven't seen Sydney or any of the area southwest of Baddeck. I'd like to come back to Cape Breton sometime to see the national park again and go to some areas we didn't see this time.

Lighthouse on a spit of land beyond Baddeck Harbour (as they spell it in Canada)

We did go into Baddeck this morning to see the harbor, houses, and shops.

These photos are just a sampling of the interesting buildings in town:

Gift shop and church

Above and below:  old historic building that can be toured





We went down to talk with this couple but unlike the other Nova Scotians we've met, they didn't have much to say:


That's pretty cool.

We ate lunch at the Highwheeler Deli, where we split a delicious stuffed chicken sandwich with cranberries and cheese on thick rye bread they bake there. We also had a tasty veggie-lentil soup and ended with sweet blueberry-raspberry cobbler for dessert.

Jim topped off the tank for tomorrow's drive to Halifax. Diesel and gas are both about $1.33 CA a liter in this area.

We wanted to get milk but balked at the exorbitant price of $8.11 CA for a four-liter container -- a little more than a gallon, but not much, and somewhat less in U.S. dollars. Still. That's almost as bad as it was near Denali National Park in Alaska. Sure hope it's cheaper in Halifax, the largest city in Nova Scotia.


There was an interesting mix today of sunshine, white clouds, and dark gray clouds, all constantly changing patterns. The weather here is different than any we've seen before, with systems coming in from all directions. We're pretty certain to get wet tomorrow on our way to Halifax, which may get an inch or more of rain.

Wish we were staying here longer but looking forward to seeing what's in and near Halifax. The brochures we have sound like we won't run out of interesting things to do there, either.

Next entrythe drive to Halifax and staying at Woodhaven RV Park

Happy trails,

"Runtrails & Company" - Sue Norwood, Jim O'Neil, Cody the ultra Lab, and Casey-pup

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