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Continued from the previous page.

Here's the AAA map section of the Cabot Trail again so you can see the places I'm talking about as we rounded the "top" of the loop going clockwise and drove south on the eastern side of the island:

We were ready for lunch at Cape North, about halfway around the loop where the Cabot Trail briefly leaves the national park, but couldn't find a suitable place to get seafood.

We kept going around the loop to Neil's Harbour, where we got some tasty chowder at the Chowder House.

That's a restaurant with a view, for sure! It's on a spit near a lighthouse that's been turned into an ice cream shop. A nearby entrepreneur has taken advantage of his location by offering wooden lighthouses, whirligigs, and lobster traps for sale in his yard:

We saw a sign for the Chowder House restaurant but had no idea if the food would be good or not. It was very good -- and all the seats were taken by other people who seemed to know that already.

We got two bowls of clam chowder with corn and potatoes to go, and ate lunch in the truck. We had a fantastic view of the cove where we were parked. I walked Casey a few hundred feet to take pictures behind us, too.


Soon we were back in the national park.

We did a scenic half-mile hike with the dogs above Black Brook Cove on the east side of the island in the national park:

I love this picture of Jim, Cody, and Casey enjoying the view of the cove from a rock outcropping high above the water:


We also stopped briefly at the lower parking lot by the beach in the cove. This is obviously a popular place to swim and hang out on a sunny summer day:


Our next stop was at beautiful Green Cove, where we walked out onto some handsome pink and gray rocks and watched the blue surf crash against the coastline:




Here's another view of the coast a little farther south of Green Cove:

Just before leaving the SE side of the park we drove back a narrow road to see the Keltic Lodge (not "Celtic"). I'd seen photos of the imposing white-and-red building in park photos and postcards and wanted to see it in person:

The lodge is back a one-way loop road past a golf course and inn. It has great views of North Bay Ingonish and would be a lovely place for a honeymoon or special vacation.


Although we both agreed that we liked the views of the coastline on the west (Gulf) side of the loop there were some great views on the east (Atlantic) side, too.

By then we were getting tired, however. I drove after we got out of the park and the roadway soon turned so rough that Jim couldn't nap like he wanted to. Since I was driving I didn't get many pictures of the southeastern part of the Cabot Trail loop.

Here are three I took that came out OK:



We loved the national park and all the awesome views around the whole loop but were mighty glad to finally get home.

The weather was great on our day drive -- mostly sunny, mid-70s F., with some breeze (more on the Atlantic than Gulf side) but no strong winds or rain.

It was a perfect day to enjoy the Cabot Trail!

Next entrycycling the Celtic Shore Coastal Trail and driving part of the Ceilidh Trail on the beautiful western coast of Cape Breton Island

Happy trails,

"Runtrails & Company" - Sue Norwood, Jim O'Neil, Cody the ultra Lab, and Casey-pup

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