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(Photos of Wolf Creek Greenway continued from the previous page)

The next picture is further along the greenway, looking back at the Barfield property:

That photo, and the next two, are from April 13 when the leaves were partially out and the dogwoods were in full bloom:


By late spring the trees had leafed out and much of the trail was shady:

View of the trail in Stonebridge Park on 4-29-11

Wolf Creek is heavily shaded in another part of Stonebridge Park on May 6th.

See why we like this trail so much?


Another benefit of the Wolf Creek Greenway is its proximity to the Stewart's Knob Trail:

Deciduous leaves were only partially out in mid-April.

This two-mile single-track dirt trail winds along the east side of the Blue Ridge Parkway between the interchange at US 24 and the Stewart's Knob parking area. It's easy to access from Wolf Creek and reminds us of the nearby Appalachian Trail.

The only thing wrong with it is that it's too short!

Above and below:  dogwoods in bloom along the Stewart's Knob Trail  (4-17-11)

This trail is officially maintained by the National Park Service because it's on Parkway land but it is local hikers and equestrians that do most of the real work to keep it open.

Within only a week, the leaves already look more mature.  (4-24-11)

I've never seen a cyclist on it because it but there aren't signs that prohibit bikes. It's too rough for me to ride but it's perfect for hiking and running.

Above:  Jim teases Cody by "hiding" behind a tree. 
Cody's tail is a blur (below) because he's wagging it.  (4-24-11)

Here are a few more spring photos from Stewart's Knob Trail in chronological order:

Above and below:  I don't know what this shrub is called
but the flowers are very pretty; they remind me of honeysuckle.  (4-27-11)


A little creek along the trail  (5-2-11)

The trail looks very summery by May 6.

Next entry:  age perception -- at what age will you be (or were you) "old?"

 Happy trails,

"Runtrails & Company" - Sue Norwood, Jim O'Neil, and Cody the Ultra Lab

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2011 Sue Norwood and Jim O'Neil